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Creative. Innovative. Imaginative. Collaborative.

are we.

We're a creative design studio with an innovative and imaginative approach to design and marketing. We work as a collaborative with our clients to overcome problems and achieve their goals. We're based in the Garden of England, on the Manston Business Park just a stones throw away from the seaside town Margate. If you've got an idea - whether it's starting a business, rebranding or if you simply need a flyer created - then we're here to help.

What we do.


Your branding reflects who you are as a business. It's how you communicate with your customers and it lets them know what to expect from you. You don't want to give a bad first impression do you?

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be viewed as an extension of your brand. It's the creation of content and visual aids that make up your overall brand. It's everything that's visual. Even down to something as seemingly insignificant as a name badge!

Web Design

Often the first stop for many of your potential customers. It's as important for the website to function correctly as it is for the site to be easy on the eye. Why build a maze to go from A to B when you can build a motorway?


Digital design is a further extension of graphic design. As the content is intended to appear on digital devices this starts to expand to things like animations and videos. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth?


Marketing is the activity that you undertake to promote your business. Marketing is used to spread a message, raise brand awareness or to sell a product. What's the point of having the best product if nobody has heard of it?


Business events can be organised for many reasons. Whether you want to educate employees, impress customers or even celebrate a milestone it's likely you'll need event specific design such as wayfinding, a corporate stand or activation. It's important to stand out!

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